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Real Times Media was built on the foundation of our family of newspapers. This includes some of the oldest, most respected and renowned Black newspapers in the country, making Real Times Media one of the largest producers of original content in the nation.

Their appeal is time-tested, and in an age where the relevancy of "daily" newspaper readership is being scrutinized, the role of the Black press has sustained its level of importance. Our loyal readers historically have relied on us as a primary source of information, connection and empowerment.


Chicago Defender

Founded by John S. Abbott in 1905, the Chicago Defender (Chicago, Illinois) is the most historic newspaper of the Real Times family. Its impact is legendary as the newspaper played a vital role in The Great Migration, anti-lynching legislation, and the creation of a "kids section" famously called Bud Billiken. Empowering the African American community has been the core mission of the Chicago Defender over the last century. It is committed to being the leading advocate of "News That Matters" most to African Americans in Chicago, and staying connected to the pulse of the Black community.


FrontPage Detroit

Launched in 2000, the Michigan FrontPage (Detroit, Michigan), is a contemporary, magazine style "weekend" newspaper designed to cultivate and be the public face of a progressive urban image and lifestyle. It successfully fuses fashion, beauty, music, art, entertainment, and politics together, while still covering mainstream news and content missed in mass media.


The Michigan Chronicle

The Michigan Chronicle (Detroit, Michigan) is the state's oldest and most respected African American newspaper. Founded in April 1936, by Lucius Harper, The Michigan Chronicle is not only a newspaper, but also a productive business that participates and contributes to many worthy projects. The Michigan Chronicle has received many national and local journalism and community service awards and is recognized as one of the largest weekly newspapers in Michigan


The New Pittsburgh Courier

The New Pittsburgh Courier (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2009, and is one of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers in the United States. At one time, it was the most widely circulated Black newspaper of its time with as many as 14 editions circulated in cities from coast to coast. Today, the New Pittsburgh Courier is leaner and more sophisticated but still offers an authoritative, responsible voice to Black audiences in western Pennsylvania and across the nation.


The Tri-State Defender

The Tri-State Defender (Memphis, Tennessee) – The Tri-State Defender is one of the longest, continuously published African-American newspapers in the United States. Founded in 1941 by John Sengstacke, it was very active in the Civil Rights Movement and is aimed at the African-American market not only in Memphis, but also in nearby areas of Arkansas and Mississippi.

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Atlanta Daily World


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Our mission is to maintain and grow our position as the leading source of news, entertainment and lifestyle information from the African American perspective.

This will allow us to continue to fill our role as a leading resource for advertising, marketing and communication opportunities.

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