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‘Ambassador’ honors for 3 MCS teachers

    Already bonded by the word "teacher," Pierre Jackson, Danielle Ringold and Edna Williams embraced another linking word – ambassadors – this week.

    On Monday (Nov. 26), the Tennessee Department of Education named fifteen of the best teachers across the state to serve in the 2012-14 Reward School Ambassador Program (RSAP). On the list were three Memphis City Schools teachers: Jackson of Middle College High School; Ringold of Kingsbury Middle School; and Williams of Vollentine Elementary School.

    The Ambassador Program provides leadership opportunities and resources to the state's Reward Schools to help them advance and serve as models of success for schools across Tennessee. MCS provided the most teachers for the program from any single school district in the state.

    Reward Schools with teacher ambassadors will receive $20,000 each in flexible funding to further their educational programming, whether it involves creating new initiatives or expanding existing programs that have proven to be effective. RSAP is financed through Race to the Top funds.

    In addition to improving their individual Reward Schools, Ambassador Program teachers will form partnerships with Focus Schools in the district so they can share information and best practices for student achievement. Each teacher has been involved in leadership initiatives, such as an instructional coach or teacher leader, and has displayed both personal and professional integrity.

    Teachers in the Reward School Ambassador Program will serve through June 2014.

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