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Staxtacular by multipledefinitions

    Now, I know why they call it Staxtacular!

    There is no question about it, the Memphis Grizzles and Soulsville sure know how to throw a party! To truly understand where I am coming from one has to first know how to define the word

    spectacular :

    a. A single dramatic production of unusual length or lavishness.

    b. An elaborate display.

    c. Of or resembling a spectacle; impressive, grand, or dramatic

    d. Unusually marked or great

    I should stop writing now because that sums up my experience at Saturday last night's big event held at the Stax Museum. However, I like to share, so I will tell you more about my experience at Staxtacular.

    The Memphis Grizzles and The Soulsville Foundation teamed up for a one-on-one session of charity work at The 2013 Staxtacular – an event presented by Suntrust Bank for the benefit of The Stax Music Academy. The party started at 7 p.m. and went on till who knows when. (It's probably still going on somewhere.) This wonderful event also happened to take place on Stax Museum's 10th Annual Anniversary, and it was the 9th Annual Staxtacular.

    Memphis Grizzlies' Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph were this year's hosts and were joined by all members of the team and coaching staff.

    You may be wondering if you could meet any of these Memphis celebrities while there. Well, the answer is, yes! And that is the beauty of an event such as this one. Not only do you get to meet them, you can laugh, take pictures, dance and toast it up with them all in the same building.

    And you get to rub shoulders with some of Memphis' finest; all while raising money for a good local cause.

    The team showed their appreciation by treating guests with such class and care from beginning to end. Guest enjoyed the opportunity to select foods from a non- stop "World Tour" buffet, featuring foods from sushi to sliders to Southern cuisine, an open bar and divine desserts. I personally made circles around the museum to get back to the Rainbow Sushi & the pan-steamed dumplings. Yummy! Complemented with the drink of the night, a special made "Staxatini."

    "This event is always grea,t plus the food is great," Grizz guard Tony Allen. "Every year that I can be involved I try to take advantage of it. Every year I look forward to this event."

    Now that brings me to the music and dancing.

    The night began with a show-stopping performance by the world-famous Stax Music Academy. The children had us all on our feet dancing and even doing the Electric Slide. The rest of the evening we enjoyed live music by the Bo-Keys, with Percy Wiggins.

    Amongst all the fun, food and dancing, the live and silent auctions were still going on strong. It truly was the most important part of the night, which was to raise money for the Stax Music Academy. The crowd came out in record numbers, allowing for a record amount of money to be raised..

    Grizzlies starting point guard Mike Conley said, "...continue to keep Stax on your mind. Come to the museum and come to the academy to see what the kids actually get to do. It is really worthwhile."

    Note: Jamond Bullock was the artist doing the live paintings.

    (For questions, or if you would like Nyah Nile at your next big event, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

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