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Tracy Morgan Gets Real

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is gifted. The veteran comedian and actor is no stranger to stand-up and is known to cause a stir. He talked exclusively with FrontPage Detroit about being himself, the role his father played in his career and what keeps him going. He also set the record straight about the mysterious night at the Emmys this past season. Tracy delivered bolts of laughter to his fans recently at Soundboard inside MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit. Make no mistake about it. Tracy knows how to keep it real.

FPD: So you've had an amazing career. What has the journey been like for you?
TM: It's been great, you know. So far, so good. There have been a few bumps in the road but that is to be expected. I'm now in my seventh season with doing Steady Rock.

FPD: Was comedy something you've always wanted to do and when did you realize that this would be a career for you?
TM: I did not choose comedy; comedy chose me. When you are a kid, you do not know what your destiny is going to be.

FPD: You've also done a lot of TV and film. Is that much different from comedy? If so, what are the differences and
which do you prefer more?
TM: I do not prefer one over the other more. I think they are different genres. There is nothing to me like live entertainment.

FPD: Which comedians inspired you the most and why? What did you take from them?
TM: Well, my father inspired me the most and I am who I am because of him. My father was a very funny man but he was also my hero and my first superstar. And I took all of his instructions and I am following his instructions. And this is why I am here today.

FPD: In your own words, what is your comedic platform? How do you put a show together? Do you do your own writing?
TM: Yes I do write my own scripts. My personal experiences are my platform.

FPD: Talk about The Tracy Morgan Show. What are your thoughts on the mixed feedback and how do you deal with what people are saying about you whether it's favorable or not?
TM: I do not concern myself with what people are saying. You know, I just do what I do.

FPD: How have you overcome the challenges with handling industry and your personal life?
TM: I keep them very separated (with emphasis). My personal life is my personal life and my job is my job. I do not mix the two.
FPD: When you aren't performing, do you ever feel the need to constantly be funny?
TM: No. When I am at home I am dad and I am the husband. I do not have that pressure.

FPD: What's one of your best moments in the industry?
TM: Well, I still have a lot more to do. I cannot just pick one moment. I think the greatest moments are just doing what I do. I like to have fun and everything that I have been a part of and the people that I work with make it great. If I had to pick one, I could not do it. And just to go back to how I feel about people's opinion of me, you can never change people's opinion of you. That is basically their opinion. All you can do is be you and love you. No one is perfect and I have never made any decision with my eyes closed. But I know I do whatever I do with the intention of being happy and sharing that with people, in the spirit of a Richard Pryor or in the spirit of a Lucille Ball. So I will always do my thing and what other people think of that, I have nothing to do with it. That is something they will have to deal with. When I take the stage, my intentions are to make people smile and laugh and to touch people's hearts. I want to make this world a little bit better than when I got here. I might lose some people with some of things I say on stage because I'm also confrontational. I re-confront some things so I may lose some people. But the majority of the people love it. Everyone can't handle the truth.

FPD: Okay, in your very own words what actually happened that night at the Emmys? What did Jimmy Kimmel really say or do that caused your reaction?
TM: Well we were playing a prank and I just laid on the floor for a few moments.

FPD: What's your favorite part about Detroit?
TM: My favorite part about Detroit is Detroit and the people.

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