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Celebs Participate in PSA on Gun Violence


Whether it's the rise in Chicago's murder rate, people using the "Stand Your Ground" law as means to justify use of a firearm, or the recent mass shootings at a theater in Colorado, a mall in Oregon, or an elementary school in Connecticut, one thing is certain: senseless murders must be stopped.

Many celebrities such as basketball stars Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, actors Will Ferrell and Jennifer Aniston came together to take part in a commercial for R&B stars Beyonce, Jaime Foxx, and John Legend were among those many to ask the potent question: how many more people must be victims of senseless gun violence before action is taken? The video is aimed at the President and Congress to pass the right laws to enforce gun control.

To take part in the movement, go to in order to contact your senator, sign a petition, donate, or tweet the President.


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