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T.I. - The King of the South

T.I. - The King of the South

T.I. - The King of the South is the now the King of  Comeback.

The self-proclaimed King of the South is also now the king of the comeback. Since moving past his very public prison stint 2011, TI has grabbed the entertainment industry by the horns and become a master of multimedia and consummate family man. He’s appeared on remixes for everyone from Jay-Z and Kanye West (Ni--as in Paris) to Ke$ha (Sleazy) and recorded a whopping 86 tracks for his eighth album Trouble Man. To date his resume includes acting, reality television, two novels and of course--music. As he prepares to release his eighth studio album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, (Dec. 18), T.I. stopped in to speak with FRONTPAGE Detroit.

FPD: Your new album drops next week just in time for the holidays. You just wrapped the current season of the TV series Boss starring Kelsey Grammer. You are in the second season of your reality show TI & Tiny The Family Hustle. Your second book Trouble & Triumph was released via Harper Collins in September. And in the beginning of next year, you will star in the comedy Identity Thief. How does one man successfully juggle all these projects?

T.I.: Proper time management and real a consistent loss of sleep has been my consistent recipe. That really is the most honest answer I could give. (laughs)

FPD: Of all your many projects, which of these has been your favorite labor of love?

T.I.: Music. Its been my life’s passion for the last 20 years and it’s definitely the conduit to open the doors for other opportunities to unfold.

FPD: After starting your film career in 2006 with ATL, then moving on to For Sale, Takers and now Identity Theft, should your music fans be worried about losing you to the silver screen for good?

T.I.: I mean, I don’t ever think they will ever lose me to another medium. As long as I’m here and available to provide something for the fans’ listening or viewing pleasure, then they will have me in any capacity.

FPD: Do you believe diversification is the only way to survive in the entertainment industry?

T.I.: It may not be the only way but it certainly hedges your bets.

FPD: Does a hip hop career have a certain expiration date?

T.I.: I think certain artists’ relevance may subside more quickly than others but I certainly think it’s a case-by- case basis. I’m here to stay.

FPD: On your new album you have collaborations with all the heavy hitters in the music industry today. Did you have any favorites?

T.I.: Everybody brought something equally significant to the table. Each person brought their own flavor to make the album hot. Andre 3000, Pink, Wayne, A.S.A.P, Rocky and Meek; I just appreciate that everyone showed up and showed out for me on my eighth album.

FPD: So far your new singles ball and sorry have been received very well and music critics are saying it appears the old TI is back. What would you say to the critics?

T.I.: I would say I don’t know where he went. (laughs) Aside from my physical presence being taken away from the marketplace, my skill set has always remained among the upper echelon in the entertainment industry. And if anyone tries to deny that, they are doing themselves a terrible disservice.

FPD: The holidays are swiftly approaching. What do you and the family have planned?

T.I.: The family is just finding new ways to spend money (laughs) and that’s why I’m just out, day in and day out, trying to find new ways to make money.

FPD: As the year comes to a close, is there anything you want to commit to doing in 2013?

T.I.: I just want to be a better me. Push myself a little harder and raise the bar of excellence. I will try to be better in every way possible.


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