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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

It's happened to the best of us. Valentine's Day rolls right around just as fast as it did last year, and you find yourself with the same dilemma. When it sneaks up on you, it's easy to find yourself plagued with the question of what to get your significant other at the last minute.

Fear no more, and look no further! Here's a list of 8 quick and to-the-point yet cute ideas that will put a smile on that special someone's face:

1. Create a homemade gift certificate after all, who's going to complain about a ticket redeemable for say, a bubble bath, dinner, etc.?

2. Give a romantic gesture- try writing out a few miscellaneous notes on 'why I love you' and scattering them about the house.

3. Sing your special someone a love song- preferably their favorite one. Nothing says 'romantic' like a musical serenade.

4. Flowers- predictable, yet always obtainable. You cannot go wrong with them; they've saved plenty of V-Days in the past!

5. Here we go again with the 'usual' - chocolates and/or candies. Satisfy their sweet tooth.

6. Go on a date night - take your sweetheart to a movie, or out to do something nice that you know they will enjoy.

7. Cook at home - preferably their favorite meal. Spice things up with a little wine and candlelight.

8. 'Share' your love with the world... literally! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of the above. Professing your fondness to others lets them know you're sincere.

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