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Hiram E. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer

Britton H. Cox
Chief Financial Officer

479 Ledyard

Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 963-8100


Michigan Chronicle

479 Ledyard
Detroit, MI 48201


Publisher (Interim): Hiram Jackson
Senior Editor: Bankole Thompson
Sales Director: Stephanie Grimes-Washington

FrontPage Detroit

479 Ledyard
Detroit, MI 48201


Publisher (Interim): Hiram Jackson

Senior Editor: Rian English

Sales Director

Atlanta Daily World

3485 N. Desert Drive
Suite 2109
Atlanta, GA 30344


Publisher: Alexis Scott
Senior Editor: Charlotte Roy
Sales Director: Misha Helvy

New Pittsburgh Courier

315 E Parsons Street
Pittsburgh PA  15219


Publisher: Rod Doss
Senior Editor: Ulish Carter
Assistant to the Publisher: Stephan Broadus
Sales Director Eric Gaines

Tri-State Defender

203 Beale Street, Suite 200
Memphis Tennessee 38103


Publisher: Bernal Smith
Executive Editor: Dr. Karanja Ajanaku
Vice President / Executive Sales Director: Deborah Dowell Alexander

Chicago Defender

4445 S. MLK
Chicago, IL 60653


Publisher: Michael House
Executive Director of Sales and Marketing: Frances Jackson
Managing Editor: Kathy Chaney
Executive Director of Finance: Jessica Smith

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Our mission is to maintain and grow our position as the leading source of news, entertainment and lifestyle information from the African American perspective.

This will allow us to continue to fill our role as a leading resource for advertising, marketing and communication opportunities.

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