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Deadline Looming for CHA Applicants to Update Info or Get Bumped Off List

    CHA Applicant

    CHICAGO — A waiting list with the names of 85,000 people needing housing assistance from the Chicago Housing Authority could soon shrink and make way for new applicants if those on list miss a Jan. 18 deadline, according to

    "With such a critical housing need in the city of Chicago, this update will allow us to house people faster and to more efficiently provide public housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) to tens of thousands of low-income residents," said Charles Woodyard, chief executive officer for the Chicago Housing Authority.

    Since Dec. 3, applicants waiting to move into public housing or receive a HCV (often referred to as Section 8) have been updating their information, such as addresses and phone numbers, to remain active, said Stacey Fields, the CHA's director of Administration and Asset Management.

    "We have made an aggressive attempt to contact everyone on the list by mail, phone or email," she said. "If applicants do not update their information by the deadline they will be removed from the list."

    Fields added that should an applicant be removed they would be placed back on the list if they contact the CHA by Feb. 28.

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