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2 Clayton County Schools on Lockdown Because of Escaped Prisoner

Lovejoy High School and Lovejoy Middle School are on lockdown and will remain that way until further notice according to Clayton County Police. The two Clayton County schools are on lockdown due to an escaped prisoner in the area, police said.

Police said a prisoner escaped from state custody by walking away from a work detail and could be near the two schools. Officials from the department say he is not thought to be dangerous. Still, all students are being kept inside the school at the moment and no one is being allowed inside.

Lovejoy High School is located at 1587 McDonough Road in Hampton, Ga., and Lovejoy Middle School is located at 1588 Lovejoy Rd, also in Hampton. Both are part of Clayton County public schools.

The high school has a population of 1894 students.

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