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Thousands in NC Protest GOP Policies


Organized by the North Carolina chapter of the  NAACP, between 80 and 100,000 people gathered Saturday in Raleigh for a “Moral March” to protest policies by the Republican-controlled state government.

According to reports, The diverse crowd was there to speak out against what William Barber II,  president of North Carolina’s NAACP, called “extremism that takes us down the road to destruction.” Namely, they were protesting redistricting, defunding of the state’s schools and challenges to voting rights.

In 2012, the Republican Party of North Carolina won both the state House and Senate and elected a Republican governor. For the first time in more than 100 years, on the GOP had complete control of the state’s government.

Before long, redistricting ensued that many say will give Republicans an advantage in 2010. State legislators also passed a voter ID bill that will require  identification at the polls in 2016, in addition to eliminating opportunities for early voting and  same-day voter registration.

“Plant America on higher ground,” said Barber of the policies. “Lord, Lord plant our minds on higher ground. Plant our hearts on higher ground. Plant our souls on higher ground. Lord, lift us up, lift us up, lift us up and let us stand. Plant our feet on higher ground.”

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