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Robert Veal, 3rd Member of the 'Jack Boys,' Sentenced to 250 Years

Robert Veal, found to be the third member of a trio of gang members known as the Jack Boys, was sentenced today to 250 years in prison. A Fulton County Superior Court judge gave Veal a sentence of life without parole plus six more life terms and an additional 40 years for his crimes.

Veal was convicted last month for his role in a crime wave of robbery, rape and murder across a number of Atlanta neighborhoods in 2010.

Veal was 18 when prosecutors said he, Tamario Wise and Fernandez Whatley were involved in a number of violent robberies, carjackings and, on the night of Nov. 22-23, the murder of Charles Boyer and the sexual assault of a Grant Park woman.

"These guys should never, ever breathe a breath of fresh air again," Fulton County assistant district attorney Lance Cross told the AJC. "These guys were very dangerous. This was one of the most prolific street gang crimes in the history of the city."

Veal and Wise faced a 90-count indictment and were found guilty on a number of charges that included murder, rape, sodomy, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Whatley was not with Wise and Veal on Nov. 22, 2010, when the two murdered Boyer then tied up and raped a woman during a home invasion in Grant Park hours later. But prosecutors said Whatley did, however, join Wise in a home invasion days later in Benteen Park, and the two tied up a family and their child before stealing jewelry and their car.

Whatley was tried with Wise and Veal and he was convicted of armed robbery, hijacking a vehicle, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and cruelty to children, and was sentenced last week to 30 years in prison and 40 years of probation.

Wise received a sentence of life without parole plus an additional 14 life sentences and 290 years – a combined total of 740 years in prison.

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