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Atlanta Area Cops Charged With Taking Bribes to Protect Drug Dealers

An undercover operation by US Attorney Sally Yates' office found 10 current and former Atlanta-area police officers who took thousands of dollars in payoffs to protect drug dealers. The 10 officers were arrested Tuesday.

Federal agents investigating said they were investigating a street gang when they were given tips that local cops were protecting gangs from law enforcement, reports WABE.

"[There were] two officers with the DeKalb County police department, two Forest Park police officers, one APD officer, one Stone Mountain officer, one MARTA police officer, two former DeKalb County sheriff's deputies, and one contract officer with the Federal Protective Service," Yates said.

Yates said that the operation had been ongoing.
"Time after time, law enforcement officers who were sworn to protect the public and to uphold the law, participated in drug deals being conducted by the undercover agents or folks who were cooperating with law enforcement," she said.

In addition to the local police officers, five other people were arrested for allegedly assisting with the drug transactions.

The cops official charges were not initially reported.

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